A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


This is a horror game about a young man having his night shifts in a convenient store. Will you continue your work? Or just flee from it? What happened to the night shift? 

Or something more important: what happened to you? 

A game for the Itch.io PowerPoint Jam: https://itch.io/jam/powerpoint-game-jam

Known Issues

There are reports about dialogue text being too big and going past the speechboxes on some devices, reopening the game and running it again may fix this problem, we are sorry about the inconvenience. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsRosaita W, Jingyi
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAseprite
Tags2D, Horror, Monsters, Pixel Art, Point & Click
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

The original game needs to run on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later versions. If your PowerPoint is in the old version, please download the 1997-2003 file instead. 

Thank you for downloading! 


The Night Shift1.0.7for1997-2003version.pps 14 MB
The Night Shift1.0.7.ppsx 11 MB


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the puppet combo one is 96x better


Really unique presentation (pun intended) with a creepy They Live atmosphere to it. Well done for pushing the limits of Microsoft Office!


Tried it, loved it


A game made in powerpoint, now that's not something you see every day! Super great job at it! Story was pretty good and the growing insanity nails the genre on the head. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Hello! I enjoyed the game but unable to finish since my computer can't handle the The Night Shift1.0.6.ppsx (it's very slow at the intense part) so i downloaded the 1997-2003 but there's no sound

Hi Gloom Doom thank you for this feedback. We think the lack of the sound in 1997 version is a bug but we haven't found a perfect solution for that. As for the slow loading in the 2016 version, well I'd say that's a performance issue because we use a lot animations and sound effect, but I have no idea how to optimize a powerpoint game... Sorry for the inconvenience but still, thanks again for giving it a try!

Hi Gloom Doom, I have uploaded a 1.0.7 version of the 1997-2003 file and fixed the exporting bug. Please feel free if you still want to give it a try. Thank you for playing the game, cheers! 


Gave it a try

Thank you so much for giving it a try!

Thank you for playing it! We are working on time issues and will upload a new version soon!